A Message from the ECLS


In Pope John Paul II’s message on the occasion of the 36th World Communications day, he asked “How does the Church lead from the kind of contact made possible by the Internet to the deeper communication demanded by Christian proclamation? How do we build upon the first contact and exchange of information which the Internet makes possible?”1

How indeed? The Episcopal Commission for Liturgy and the Sacraments and the National Liturgy Office have created this website in an effort to improve communication and catechesis, especially at this time when the Church is revising all its liturgical books.

A members-only section has also been developed to allow diocesan directors and members of liturgy committees to carry on discussions via forums and members-only mail-outs.

As the Church grows in this age of technology so too does the need for progressive catechesis expand. While “electronically mediated relationships can never take the place of the direct human contact required for genuine evangelization”2, we hope that this website becomes one of many resources used in the evangelization of Roman Catholics in Canada today.

Episcopal Commission for Liturgy and the Sacraments

1 See: Message of the Holy Father John Paul II for the 36th World Communications Day (Sunday, 12 May 2002) no.5

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